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A one and half hour ride from Pondicherry (70 kms) and you will be able to reach this beautiful maintained fort- Gingee Fort which was built in the 9th century in India as told by one of the staffs in the Fort.

If you like history and are interested in hiking I would recommend you visit this historical place. But, do bring enough water bottles, sun block, hat and everything you need to make yourself cool from the scorching heat of the sun or travel in the winter to avoid the dehydrating summer heat 😛

This lovely view of garden at the premises of Shiva Temple was enthralling! It feels like Gingee is welcoming you

You will need to pay ticket of Indian Rupees 25 for Indian nationals and Indian rupees 200 for Foreigners. I paid 25 as I faked myself being an internal tourist from North East 🤣

The fort has been believed to be built by the Chola rulers of India and considered as India’s most impregnable fort.

The Kalyana Mahal is an interesting piece of work. It is 7 storeyed ( i felt like 8!.. needs rechecking) pyramid structure used by Rulers for entertaintment purpose like swimming, dancing, food storage, etc (as told by the staff)

The swimming pool has a stage like structure as seen in the picture where dancers used to dance and artists performed.

The Gingee fort forms a huge triangular enclosed area with three hillocks- Raja giri, Krishna giri and Chandrayanadurg. I could manage only to go to the Raja giri (Kings fort) as the heat was too much for me to hike 2 more hills 😥

The area is rich in architecture and you will not be disappointed !

A fascinating view is seen from the top of the fort with hills, temples, lakes, fields and some beautiful parts of the Villupuram district.

If you are a history enthusaistic who loves to hike , be there! But remember to hydrate yourself!

Panaromic shot of Gingee fort taken from Kalyana Mahal

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February 19, 2015, I was walking with  my friends in Basantapur, a famous World Heritage enlisted site by UNESCO, before and after the advent of Nepal Earthquake 2015, for gatherings. be it a college reunion, or you wanna have a sip of Nepali style tea with  some chitchats, you can always count Basantapur in. While we were waiting for our all friends to arrive, we were posing for pictures (its natural i guess, everyone don’t come on time). We saw a man on his 50s, wearing Daura Suruwal ( Nepali national dress) waving Nepali National flag and passers by were staring at him and clicking some photos of him, with him- portrait, selfie, wefie and in every possible forms. One of my friends was curious to know who that man was? where did he come from?

I was also curious about him and I wanted to take a picture with him and Nepali National Flag. I insisted my friend to go and ask him. He went and asked for permission to take picture with the flag and him. We took some pictures and all of us were happy and smiling.

My friend salutes with The Flag Bearer of Kathmandu 🙂

I was curious about him and asked where is he from and why he does this all day?

Based on conversation with him

” I am from Kalimati. A small town from Kathmandu famously known as the ‘tarkari bazaar’:vegetable market.  All I want is my country’s flag to be known by people around the globe. Firstly, I want to start it from ourselves, within our citizens. I want everyone to Respect for country’s flag, build patriotism.

Here, I am not representing any organizations , I represent myself, a Nepali! ”


The Flag Bearer of Kathmandu with Nepali National Flag in front of Trailokya Narayan temple. Unfortunately, the temple was ramsacled by Nepal Earthquake 2015 and is now under reconstruction.

Nepal’s national flag is a unique triangular flag as you can see in the picture above- one of it’s kind in the world.

I was very inspired by what he said.It mesmerized me and my mind was striked with a thiught that day. Yes! an individual can start on his own for a change, why not we? He started on his own and continues to do so. Let’s start from ourselves!

At present date as well, after the Nepal Earthquake 2015, The Flag Bearer of Kathmandu- Laxmi Narayan Shilpakar stands at Basantapur premises and waves Nepali national flag.
You can find him on facebook. See the image below :

The Flag Bearer of Kathmandu with his id card and facebook page 🙂

As i am home for celebrating tihar one of the greatest festivals of hindus and my favourite,
i come with more awakening.I am back home with more sense of responsibility. My
responsibility towards the community that i’m starting to work with, “Community in BETHAN!”
Before coming home for celebrating tihar, we had a session regarding community feeling.
During that session only, i happened to think about how we have so much responsbility
towards the community and its development.

The session in our LTS(Long Term Service ) residential training house was for us to think
and discuss about the three main aspects of how-

  • we feel being Responsible
  • we felt as a Part of community and
  • we find Meaning in our work in community

Flashback started in my mind and all actions started coming reversed.


The arrival at “Dahu”
was a warm welcome by the community people with garlands tikas and flowers and in their
traditional greeting “LHASO; Phyafulla”. They expressed us how happy they were to see all of
the international and national fellows and thanked us for being there, despite the face that
the village is a rural place to be in. All of the people were hopeful that we would do
something great for them. And with that hope sense of  was born .That was the
first time when i perceived the sense of responsibility. It then started intensifying when
we talked to the people on the way, in the house we stayed and in the community meeting at
Dahu, Bhawasa and Majhi village.


Similarly, while we were visiting and observing the village areas the next day, people from
community gave us Pomello, almonds and lots of other fruits for free. We were completely
strangers to them and they gave us those fruits. I paused and thougt for a second – if it
was my neighbourhood in Kathmandu- not even a single leaf from the plants would be given to
strangers let alone the fruits! At that moment i felt as i was also the part of community,
so that was why they offered us fruits.


And finding a meaning to our community development work in Bethan is something that’s
connected with both of the above things- being responsible and feeling as a part of
community. One of our international fellows said- it is P(part of community) R
(Responsbility) = Meaning , which i see as a very good reflection. Both of these aspects (P
and R) combine together and will give a meaning to our work in Bethan. we have expectations
of what we can give to the community people there and they have expectations from us of what
we will be giving them. And if these expectations match up then of course we will find a
meaning to our work there. For this to happen, we, the national and internationals along
with the staffs will work hard and achieve it!

we go to work in Bethan next week and we internalised all of these aspects which was
meaningful and helpful. warmly and heartly thanx to Esther and Gilli for having this
wonderful session of community feeling 🙂

Lastly, but not the least- HAPPY TIHAR everyone!! 🙂

Photos by – Hava

Commitment task

Before it was just an egg for me. It was something i would love to eat by making omelet  Also, i loved

it when i tried the 1st Israeli dish- Saksuka made by my international fellow in one of the breakfasts. But now it is not just an egg for me.
While being in one of the trainings by Nyayik Sansar, our trainer Atmaram Neupane gave us a task. Each of Nepalese fellows were given an egg. We should care for the egg regarding as a baby, till we went back home for dasain. The task was for 9 0r 10 days.
First of all, all of us felt like why should we care for an egg like baby! Egg is something to eat not to be taken care of!
Later on he explained us, it as a commitment task. He wanted to see how committed we are and what efforts we could do to protect the egg and complete our task.
We had to carry the egg where ever we went- was it kitchen, swayambhu, sessions, everywhere.
All of us did the task with much effort, we even named our eggs, mine was named SUMAN Jr. (as u see in the pic). All of us were so committed that we even made protective covers to our so called baby :P.

We took it to all the places where we went and protected it. we finished our task and went home.Al were happy.

Previously, i had thought of eating the egg once i reach home but later on i couldnt do it. i was so attached to it that i abandoned my thoughts of eating the egg. Now the egg is hanging in my room with its name written on it ‘SUman Jr.’. Forever , i will try to protect it like my baby.
The credit goes to our trainer . Previously  it was just an egg but later on after the task it was something close to my heart which i would always like to treasure. i felt an ownership for it. Also i came to realize how something strange, completely nothing to me can be so near to me.

The same goes when i work in Bethan. Bethan now is like a stranger for me but later on when i’ll start my work there, it won’t be any stranger. it would be like my place, it’s people as my people and it’s problems as my own problems which i have to deal with and solve !

Once again, the so called egg – Now, It’s not just an egg!!!


A snap frm Bethan VDC

My new working area .. Really excited to work at this place! Me along with my other colleagues (Volunteers, Staff, Trainers) have been working really hard. We will be training for a month and work at this Bethan VDC, Ramechap, Nepal. We started training from 24th september. Our Israeli, American and Germany friends who will work with us in Community Development will be here this week. More updates will be coming soon!!! 🙂

photo courtesy: Nyayik Sansar

Cycling… <3 lt !

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Guyz felt like sharing this one.. BENEFITS OF CYCLING 🙂

just think about it…  Go Green



Safalta HIV School

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Safalta HIV School

In my previous article, i had written about this Safalta HIV School. Here is its official website guys!! . In this website you’ll be able to find a detailed information of the school and its activities . And yes, website is under maintenance, as i was informed by Mr. Rajkumar Pun. Also here is the link to facebook page of SAFALTA

Please help these HIV infected children financially or morally !!!


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