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February 19, 2015, I was walking with  my friends in Basantapur, a famous World Heritage enlisted site by UNESCO, before and after the advent of Nepal Earthquake 2015, for gatherings. be it a college reunion, or you wanna have a sip of Nepali style tea with  some chitchats, you can always count Basantapur in. While we were waiting for our all friends to arrive, we were posing for pictures (its natural i guess, everyone don’t come on time). We saw a man on his 50s, wearing Daura Suruwal ( Nepali national dress) waving Nepali National flag and passers by were staring at him and clicking some photos of him, with him- portrait, selfie, wefie and in every possible forms. One of my friends was curious to know who that man was? where did he come from?

I was also curious about him and I wanted to take a picture with him and Nepali National Flag. I insisted my friend to go and ask him. He went and asked for permission to take picture with the flag and him. We took some pictures and all of us were happy and smiling.

My friend salutes with The Flag Bearer of Kathmandu 🙂

I was curious about him and asked where is he from and why he does this all day?

Based on conversation with him

” I am from Kalimati. A small town from Kathmandu famously known as the ‘tarkari bazaar’:vegetable market.  All I want is my country’s flag to be known by people around the globe. Firstly, I want to start it from ourselves, within our citizens. I want everyone to Respect for country’s flag, build patriotism.

Here, I am not representing any organizations , I represent myself, a Nepali! ”


The Flag Bearer of Kathmandu with Nepali National Flag in front of Trailokya Narayan temple. Unfortunately, the temple was ramsacled by Nepal Earthquake 2015 and is now under reconstruction.

Nepal’s national flag is a unique triangular flag as you can see in the picture above- one of it’s kind in the world.

I was very inspired by what he said.It mesmerized me and my mind was striked with a thiught that day. Yes! an individual can start on his own for a change, why not we? He started on his own and continues to do so. Let’s start from ourselves!

At present date as well, after the Nepal Earthquake 2015, The Flag Bearer of Kathmandu- Laxmi Narayan Shilpakar stands at Basantapur premises and waves Nepali national flag.
You can find him on facebook. See the image below :

The Flag Bearer of Kathmandu with his id card and facebook page 🙂


A day when we spend our quality time by serving food to children infected with HIV in SAFALTA HIV SIKSHYA SADAN!!!

IMG_7919 1copy

Our group after serving the food to the HIV infected Children!!! 🙂

On saturday july 6th 2013, we , the students of M.A. (Rural Development) from KnK International College (with close friend Tripti Bataju)  went to Safalta HIV Sikshya Sadan (School) to serve food and spend some quality time with the HIV infected children. The children were really happy to see us and also our  friends were amazed to see the HIV infected children.

This HIV school has been teaching and feeding the children affected from HIV. There are 17 children who don’t have their parents to look after them. It is approved as one of the first schools of  its kind for teaching and looking after HIV infected children by the Goverment of Nepal.

The economy of the school is very poor and ‘Rajkumar Pun’ along with Uma ji and other colleagues, is taking care of all expenses of this school. He even sold his property to bear the expenses of this school. Hats off to him. IF anybody is interested in helping this school than please contact Rajkumar Pun (9841564169). And please share the pictures and this message as much as you can to help these HIV infected children!!!

You can also help by just going to this school and spend some quality time with the HIV infected children. This will boost up their morale.

Below are some of the snapshots by me.

Thank you for the food

Thank you for the food

A HIV infected child in SAFALTA HIV school

A HIV infected child in SAFALTA HIV school

11 IMG_7836 copy