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I RISE (poem)

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I rise, I fall and again I rise

that hope exists within

the hope that conquers all upsets

the hope that gives you peace within

Enemies turn in to allies

friends into foes

Raised voices against you

live for that moment

live ur life everyday

you conceive wisdom

you grow every single day

It is life that teaches you throughout

learn from your mistakes

learn from the others’ deeds

knowledge is power my friend turn it into your greed

there will be ups and downs

highs and lows

have that hope

rise again be courageous

success is yours!


Last Catch

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Last catch of the day…

As the sun sets, fishermen are seen going for fishing for tbe

last catch of their day (seen from the shore of serenity beach)

In life, you try time and again but it is important you never give up on your goals. Like these fishermen, their catch might be available, unavailable or even at times dangerous, but they never give up.

Be optimistic and never loose hope 🙂

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Hey, before you judge me let me be clear I am writing this: not that i don’t respect women or nor i am one of the Meninists. I am a humanist! I believe there should be equality and equity among all the genders and sexes, precisely among the all humans of the world. But may be I  would again be confused as an idealist. Is it not possible? Ok, I am here to talk about the International Men’s Day and not about isms. As I said earlier, I respect the fact of first being a human and then I go into the sub categories, whom I have full on respect from the end core of my thoughts and heart. March 8, celebrated as an International Women’s Day is officially reaching 107th year. Whenever i see the posts of this day, i have pleasure within myself. I imagine the role of women as  a mother, sister, colleague, friend, life partner and many more. How beautiful it is! how astounding the role she has played in our individual lives in the society. Yes, it’s beautiful! ain’t it? One of my friends updates her status in the early morning: “[“There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish.” #copied Happy International Women’s Day girls. Cheers for  being a woman]” Then i see in the comment box from my own male counterparts: we should have men’s day as well. And so more status updates from  Men this day: ‘Why is that the women are only the ones to be proud of? We should also be.’ I find myself astonished. Are these people commenting just for the sake of commenting and getting attention or are they just making fun out of themselves. It’s not a competition dude. It is not a game of winning or loosing. It is a day to cherish women for being what they are, that’s it. Look at your mother- she gave birth to you, kept you in her womb. She has done so much for you. So, a day ( I know, even 365 days are not sufficient) in a year you wish her and thank her for who she is in your life. Does this mean, your father should be revolting against you or you are disrespecting his presence? NO, right? So lets make it as simple as it is. FYI: Dude, International Men’s Day do exist! have you ever gone through the history of it? or have you ever tried googling about this fact? Often, I get the answer from people- ‘NO’. Every year, 19 November it is. The big day- International Men’s Day. Keep your calendar updated. The objectives of celebrating  include focusing on

  • health of men and boys,
  • gender relations improvement,
  • gender equality promotion and
  • highlighting male role models.

It’s an occasion to highlight discrimination against men and boys and to celebrate their achievements and contributions, in particular for their contributions to community, family, marriage, and child care. Now, the feminist people please don’t say here- do men really need this? Isn’t it a waste? My answer is YES, men need it. I agree to the fact that there are more women cases of violence and discrimination but we can not ignore the fact that though in small numbers or statistics compared to that of women, there are also cases of violence and discrimination against men.Can you believe this statistics?More than 40% of the domestic violence victims are men ( Guardian). As I said I am a HUMANIST, so for me it’s important as well. It is equally important that every cases of violence against either men, women, any gender, any human needs to be addressed in as humanly way as possible. The broader and ultimate aim of any Women’s Day or Men’s Day is to promote basic humanitarian values, right? Happy 107th International Women’s Day to all

February 19, 2015, I was walking with  my friends in Basantapur, a famous World Heritage enlisted site by UNESCO, before and after the advent of Nepal Earthquake 2015, for gatherings. be it a college reunion, or you wanna have a sip of Nepali style tea with  some chitchats, you can always count Basantapur in. While we were waiting for our all friends to arrive, we were posing for pictures (its natural i guess, everyone don’t come on time). We saw a man on his 50s, wearing Daura Suruwal ( Nepali national dress) waving Nepali National flag and passers by were staring at him and clicking some photos of him, with him- portrait, selfie, wefie and in every possible forms. One of my friends was curious to know who that man was? where did he come from?

I was also curious about him and I wanted to take a picture with him and Nepali National Flag. I insisted my friend to go and ask him. He went and asked for permission to take picture with the flag and him. We took some pictures and all of us were happy and smiling.

My friend salutes with The Flag Bearer of Kathmandu 🙂

I was curious about him and asked where is he from and why he does this all day?

Based on conversation with him

” I am from Kalimati. A small town from Kathmandu famously known as the ‘tarkari bazaar’:vegetable market.  All I want is my country’s flag to be known by people around the globe. Firstly, I want to start it from ourselves, within our citizens. I want everyone to Respect for country’s flag, build patriotism.

Here, I am not representing any organizations , I represent myself, a Nepali! ”


The Flag Bearer of Kathmandu with Nepali National Flag in front of Trailokya Narayan temple. Unfortunately, the temple was ramsacled by Nepal Earthquake 2015 and is now under reconstruction.

Nepal’s national flag is a unique triangular flag as you can see in the picture above- one of it’s kind in the world.

I was very inspired by what he said.It mesmerized me and my mind was striked with a thiught that day. Yes! an individual can start on his own for a change, why not we? He started on his own and continues to do so. Let’s start from ourselves!

At present date as well, after the Nepal Earthquake 2015, The Flag Bearer of Kathmandu- Laxmi Narayan Shilpakar stands at Basantapur premises and waves Nepali national flag.
You can find him on facebook. See the image below :

The Flag Bearer of Kathmandu with his id card and facebook page 🙂

Our Bhutanese hostel mates planted 10 saplings on the auspicious occasion of their king’s birthday this week. I was happy as alwayz to be taking the pictures and making people pose for. Even got bitten by some irate ants as someone from our group mistakenly stepped into its nest. The plantation program ended preety well.

Towards the end we had some samosa and tea to fill up our tummy. People who looked pale of hunger had smile painted over their faces. I could literally see it.

As i was editing the pictures in my post production, a deep thought came into my mind and i had a click- how many trees are there in the world? a simple question right? but very difficult to answer.
So i digged in into some research and found out that there are three trillion trees in the world. That is like in terms of seconds, total number of world’s trees is equal to 94368 years! right 94… years. My jaw was wide opened and my eyes were big round like that of cameleon (irrelevant eg, don’t mind) So these trees are roughly around 400 trees for every human. Currently, the world’s population is approx. 7.2 billion. And the world population is growing 80 million people every year (too many numbers)

Do you believe this, that 2,000 years ago, before the advent of agriculture, Earth had twice as many trees as it does now? And currently, the mother earth is losing 10 million trees a year.

So, the population is growing 80 million a year and trees are being sluttered 10 million per year.

Just wondering if every birthday from earth will have a tree sapling planted 🤗

even a single one would do…. and not in every birthday of yours my friend. Just imagine every individual on the earth would plant a sapling and care for it for their life time.

so how about a birthday tree this time in your birthday ?

Just a thought 🙂

FYI: I am SAF scholar from Nepal studying and living in Pondicherry university along with other SAF scholars from SAARC countries.

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Thy lips 

Thy smile

Makes my heart fly
Thy looks

Thy beauty

Increases my anxiety

I tried this new genre of #poem short and sweet 🙂