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​मैले आज फूल पाए

Tried my best to maintain originality of the beautiful poem. Please feel free for your comments and feedbacks

Thanks to Neelima Karmacharya and Nirmala Maharjan for sharing this poem that inspired me to translate into Nepali version.



मैले आज फूल पाए


मैले आज फूल पाए

न मेरो जन्मदिन थियो न कुनै बिशेष दिन

हामी बीच केहि भनाभन भयो गएको रात एक छिन

अनि मेरो मुटु दुखेको थियो उहाँका निर्दयी वचनले

मलाई थाहा छ उहाँलाई पश्चाताप छ र ति कुरा भन्न खोज्नुभएको होइन उहाँले

किनकि मलाई आज फूल दिनुभयो उहाँले


मैले आज फूल पाए

न हाम्रो बिहेको बार्षिकी थियो न त कुनै बिशेष दिन

गएको रात उहाँले मलाई भित्तामा लडाउनु भो अनि घांटी थिच्नु भो एकछिन

लाग्यो यो कुनै नराम्रो सपना हो भनेर

बिश्वास गर्नै सकिन यो साचो हो भनेर

यो बिहानी मेरा शरीरमा रातिका निला अनि दुखेका डाम छ

मलाई थाहा छ उहाँलाई पश्चाताप छ

किनकि मलाई आज फूल दिनुभयो उहाँले


न कुनै आमाको मुख हेर्ने दिन थियो न त कुनै बिशेष दिन

गए राति उहाँले मलाई फेरी पिट्नु भयो एकछिन

यो पटक पैले भन्दा झन् दुख्ने गरि

म केहि गर्न सक्दिन होला उहाँलाई छाडी

कसरी बच्चाको स्याहार गर्नु? पैसा कसरी ल्याउनु म एक्ली?

मलाई उहाँ देखिन डर लाग्छ तर बाँच्नु सक्दिन उहाँलाई छाडी!

तर मलाई थाहा छ उहाँलाई पश्चाताप छ किनकि

मलाई आज फूल दिनुभयो उहाँले


मैले आज फेरी फूल पाए

आज को दिन बिशेष थियो, मेरो मृत्युको दिन

गए राति उहाँले मेरो हत्या गर्न सफल हुनुभयो

मलाई मरनाशन हुने गरि पिट्नुभयो

यदी मैले साहश जुटाएकी भए

अनि हिम्मतका साथ उहाँलाई छाडेकी भए

आज मैले फूल पाउने थियीन होला

मेरो अन्तिम फूल


Our Bhutanese hostel mates planted 10 saplings on the auspicious occasion of their king’s birthday this week. I was happy as alwayz to be taking the pictures and making people pose for. Even got bitten by some irate ants as someone from our group mistakenly stepped into its nest. The plantation program ended preety well.

Towards the end we had some samosa and tea to fill up our tummy. People who looked pale of hunger had smile painted over their faces. I could literally see it.

As i was editing the pictures in my post production, a deep thought came into my mind and i had a click- how many trees are there in the world? a simple question right? but very difficult to answer.
So i digged in into some research and found out that there are three trillion trees in the world. That is like in terms of seconds, total number of world’s trees is equal to 94368 years! right 94… years. My jaw was wide opened and my eyes were big round like that of cameleon (irrelevant eg, don’t mind) So these trees are roughly around 400 trees for every human. Currently, the world’s population is approx. 7.2 billion. And the world population is growing 80 million people every year (too many numbers)

Do you believe this, that 2,000 years ago, before the advent of agriculture, Earth had twice as many trees as it does now? And currently, the mother earth is losing 10 million trees a year.

So, the population is growing 80 million a year and trees are being sluttered 10 million per year.

Just wondering if every birthday from earth will have a tree sapling planted 🤗

even a single one would do…. and not in every birthday of yours my friend. Just imagine every individual on the earth would plant a sapling and care for it for their life time.

so how about a birthday tree this time in your birthday ?

Just a thought 🙂

FYI: I am SAF scholar from Nepal studying and living in Pondicherry university along with other SAF scholars from SAARC countries.

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Thy lips 

Thy smile

Makes my heart fly
Thy looks

Thy beauty

Increases my anxiety

I tried this new genre of #poem short and sweet 🙂