Kalimati Community Day Care Center

Posted: October 14, 2013 in Nyayik Sansar
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7th October, 2013,Monday- A day which i’ll never forget. Suman Nepali reporting from Kalimati.

It’s been five years when Kalimati Community Day Care center started it’s work. This is a unique child day care center which takes care of children of migrant workers in kalimati area. It opens at 9AM and closes at 5PM where 23 children are taken care by the staff of the day care center.

In the beginning, the day care center had experienced trouble with irregularities where children used to come once or twice in a week. Also, there were no parents’ meeting done. But now the parents are active. They regularly bring their children in

day care center.Image

Currently there are 23 children and once in a month, parent’s meeting is held. The charge for looking after the children in day care center is also very nominal ,i.e, Rs.500/-. And if the condition is very poor then the center gives scholarship after their inspection in the house for migrant worker. Just by using the local available resources and words of mouth, the day care center is now popular in kalimati area. Even parents from other communities wanted to keep their children in it but it only looks after the children of migrant workers.

kalimati Community Day Care center also has three WOMEN groups established which is actively running . Before, they didn’t know about personal healthy hygiene and importance of unity. The women were not so literate, they lacked awareness. But, now the situation is changed, they’ve become more and more active. They actively took part in different activities and also run different programmes. “Once there was a workshop where women were more active than men”,says the area co-ordinator Sulatana Banu, smilingly.

“It’s good to see positive changes. The women whom i knew in the beginning didn’t know how to hold a pen, and now, they can read and write their names. It’s a great achievement”, says Kritika Dawadi a volunteer from Nyayik Sansar.Image

Not only child day care center and active women groups, Kalimati Day Care Center also has a non-political affiliated youth group of migrant youth workers in kalimati named ‘HAMI YUWA'( We Youth ). It is looked upon by its youth co-ordinator Upama Shrestha.

Kalimati Community Day care Center is a poject run by NGO NYAYIK SANSAR, along with parnternship from Israel’s TEVEL an INGO.

Here’s an  Anthem by Hami Yuwa…

Irsya garun duniya sarale
Garaun bikash yi yuwa sarale
chariyeka yuwa sathi ek joot bhai lage
ke chahi hunna, hami sabai bikash prati lage

Irsya garun duniya sarale
Garaun bikash yi yuwa sarale

Jimmewari Baadphaand gari karya pura garaun
ek joot bhai samajlai parwartan garaun

Irsya garun duniya sarale
Garaun bikash yi yuwa sarale

Andha bishwash hatayera ritiriwaj jogaun
najanelai sikau sathi janne bata sikaun

Irsya garun duniya sarale
Garaun bikash yi yuwa sarale

  1. Aatma Ram Neupane says:

    Great job Suman Ji, short and sweet blog article. I would like to request you to make a small change in your blog if it is possible. Its better not to call any other song or anthem by the name of NATIONAL ANTHEM, it is just a anthem of particular group or organization. Our national anthem is always सयौं थुँगा फुलका हामी…..
    (Just my opinion)

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