Pity on the cute little girl!

Posted: July 20, 2013 in Articles
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I just felt like sharing with you guyz..

It was really ridiculous of the parents of this small girl (may be 5 yrs) to send that cutie to fetch Tobacco. That innocent girl was asking the shopkeeper – ” Aunty malai khaini dinus na? ” ( Please give me tobacco )!!

Today, i was on this shop to buy some stuffs for my home and there was this little cute girl asking for a packet of tobacco. I felt so pissed off with the mentality of her parents’ who sent her to fetch tobacco. While its her age of buying pencils and copies, playing with dolls; instead, she was buying tobacco.

I really felt pity on that sweet girl. Don’t parents like those think even for a second, how this will effect the child psychology ? disgusting parents..

It is obvious that such kind of acts will surely affect child psychology in their near future. Children like those are much likely to start smoking, drinking and chewing tobacco at a very early childhood/ teenage, making them vulnerable to serious health diseases and health hazards..

I humbly request all of you people not to send your young ones ( son, daughter, brother, sister, etc. ) to fetch them cigarettes, tobacco or any sort of alcoholic beverages. Please keep in mind that such persons are guilty in the eyes of law and are liable to face charges!!! but before facing charges from any kind of law, you will be playing evil with the child psychology that makes you an evil persona, obviously, not from this world!!

thank you….



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