Posted: April 28, 2013 in Articles


Born on 22nd Nov., 1992, Sara Roes Dahl is the eldest of her twin sisters. Since her childhood days, her parents didn’t want the twin sisters to be too close. Nana, her younger twin sister also joined the same school but attended different classes. Sara and Nana had lots of friends in common.

Sara’s parents didn’t want them to be too close but they wanted them to be good at their education. Though it wasn’t a competition but now it started between them of being the better student. Eventually, Sara started being compared to her sister and even was known to most of people as her “sister’s sister”, Nana’s sister rather than being an individual person.

“I want to be known by my name as an individual person rather than being known as someone’s sister” says Sara. Not wanting to be called as Nana’s sister, she chose GCC (Global Citizen Course) in Nepal. Her sister is right now in Brazil with some other course as she didn’t want to be in the same place where her sister was.

Its been a while since she left Denmark and her family and she believes she misses her sister as well. When she returns back to Denmark, she plans to move out of her house and study Political Science which interests her. She will write articles for political magazines.

“I want something challenging in my life which fascinates me” says Sara who had even tried acting in theatres from which she got appreciation from audience. As for now, she believes she has escaped from her twin identity and has found something which interests her and is more challenging. But still, the search for what she really wants goes on.

  1. Simzz says:

    Good start vai..simple but still interesting…keep it up..looking forward to read some more… 🙂

  2. Nabina says:

    Gud one 🙂

  3. sujata says:

    nice one….got inspired to write like you ….hehe

    • Mr. Nepali says:

      Its just my first writing and am learning. But thank you so much for your appreciation. I’ve a long way to go. And all the best to you as well for your writing. Looking forward to reading your articles . :))

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